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Frequently Asked Questions About Photo Prices and Usage


Have I taken photos of you and/or your band and you want to use the photos?  Here is an in depth look at how you can go about getting photos for different uses.  Below are common questions that I get asked and the answers to those questions.  If you have a question that isn't answered on this page, click HERE to contact me via email.


Your photos are cool!  Could you send them to me/us to use?

I'm always happy to see that my photos are liked!  It helps motivate me and makes me want to keep this adventure going!  There are many answers to this one question though.  Let's break it down.

  • Watermarked photos - The photos that you see me sharing on social media have my watermark on them.  This is to show that the photos have been copyrighted to me and also helps others to see who took the photo.  These photos can be made available for free to share on social media only.  Starting August 1st, 2018 however, these photos cannot be used to promote future shows.  Promotion is a means to make profit, (or at least that is the end goal), and any photo used for making profit will need to be paid for.  What good are the photos then you might ask?  Posts like "Venue X was amazing last night" or "Our show at Venue X was great", (your wording will be much better), with a photo or photos would be fine.  A recap of the show that I covered is perfectly fine.  Want to wish your band member a Happy Birthday and use a photo?  That's fine as well!  Either of these helps you/the band and myself with coverage on social media.
  • Non-watermarked photos - These are the photos that should be purchased.  There are a couple different levels of this as well, (I know, it's complicated), so let's go through the options.
  1. Low resolution - These are great for online use.  Use these photos for anything on social media or your website.  Promote upcoming shows, put together a press kit, change a cover photo on your website, or create a sponsored post.  Anything online is fair game.  These photos can also be submitted to magazines and newspapers, but only if the photos will not be printed, (a lot of places are using special online articles that aren't in the original printed material).
  2. Original resolution - These are higher quality and can be used for printed items.  Signed posters, t-shirts, album photos, or anything that requires the photo to be printed to use it would be included in this.

How much do you charge for your photos?

My watermarked photos are free to use as long as the above requirements are followed.  Non-watermarked photo prices vary depending on use, but below is a general idea of the cost.

  • Full set of low resolution photos - Get all the photos that I took of your set for online uses specified above.  This usually gets you 15 photos or more.  This option is $75.00, which is only $5.00 a photo or less depending on how many photos there are.  The photos can be used for 1 year, (usually you want to keep the photos recent).  If you just wanted to use a wide shot or only a couple of the photos, the cost is $5.00 a photo up to 15.
  • Original resolution photos - This is where things get tricky.  There isn't a standard price for this type of photo.  There are too many variables to offer one price.  Number of prints, type of material, album cover vs an inside page, or even whether the photo will be use in a magazine or newspaper are all things to consider when figuring out the cost for each photo.  The best option here is to Contact Me.

Can we do a merch trade for some photos?

I'm always willing to do this.  I understand that bands need the cash to make it to the next show.  So, if you want to trade a t-shirt, CD, or any combination of merch for some photos, I'm totally cool with that.  However, I won't ask you for merch for my photos.  You'll have to decide what you're willing to trade and mention it as an option.  If it's after I've photographed you/your band while at a show, I'll be able to tell you if I got some good photos or not so you know it's worth the trade, but if you follow my work you know that's rarely an issue.

How much do you charge to have you take photos at our show?

My current rate is $75.00 to photograph your band's show.  What does that get you?  Well, a guarantee that I will be at the show and the low resolution photos are included in the price.  These photos will have an unlimited online usage license.  You can use them for social media, your website, digital magazines and newspapers, basically any online use.  This cost does not include any license to print the photos for any reason, but I can always get a price for that when requested.  For shows outside of the Mankato area, mileage, parking, and hotel might be involved.  For example, your band is playing somewhere in the Twin Cities.  It would then be $100.00 to cover that show.  The extra pays for gas, wear and tear on my vehicle, and any parking costs.

Why are you charging now?

I've tried to provide show photos for free for as long as I could.  I started out watching bands as they struggled to make enough merch sales to make it to the next venue.  After doing this for a few years now, I realize that band have, (or should have), a budget and a plan to account for this and a solid photo of them and the crowd goes a long way when promoting future shows.  My gear also costs quite a bit.  Not only purchasing it, but the maintenance involved to keep everything running properly.  If I want to keep doing what I love, (and maybe do it more), then I have to make the switch and pull in some income from my photography.  It was a difficult choice to make and even harder to figure out how to follow through, which is why I give the option to trade photos for merch if bands would rather do that.

Don't you get paid by the venue?

Sometimes, yes.  There are a number of shows that I am getting paid to be at.  They pay for my time and the usage rights for my photos they decide are in line with what they need.  Some venues and media outlets result in no pay and I still do them because I want to help the bands get coverage and am hopeful that maybe some will buy the photos after the show.  Either way, even if the venue pays me there is still a charge for the license to use the photos by each band at the show.  It's sort of like when bands get paid by the venue and still sell merch during the show.  It wouldn't make sense to give free merch because the venue paid the band.  My extra photo license sales is kind of like a band's merch sales.


I will update these questions as more come up, but again please Contact Me if you have a question.  Thank you for being amazing at what you do and for the support you give me with my present and future goals in the art of photography.  Keep rocking stages and I'll keep photographing them!