Askew View Photo | Live Shot Pricing

Askew View Photo Live Shot Pricing


The following is basic pricing for live shots.  If I have photos of your band that you would like to have, please contact me for exact pricing.  This will give you an idea of pricing for most uses though.

Like the photos and want to use them with the watermark?  The Low Resolution / Watermarked downloads:  $1.00 per photo*  Watermark must be visible when sharing.

Web/Social Media Use - Low Resolution / Non-Watermarked downloads:  $5.00 per photo*

Web/Social Media/Printing Rights - High Resolution download.  Printing is limited to not-for-profit, personal use.  Profit use is not allowed, (ie:  posters, shirts), and is good for up to 6 months.  $20.00 per photo*


* Contact me for pricing to purchase entire sets.