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City of the Weak Returns to The What's Up Lounge

July 25, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

My shows have been few and far between as of late and even less so are the reviews of the shows.  Home improvement has a way of making you change your schedule.  However, when quality bands like City of the Weak, VIA, and The Mayberry Riot are all on the same show, exceptions have to be made and plans changed to be at the show.  I arrived at about 9:20, a little late because I was covering the Brit Floyd show,  and I could hear The Mayberry Riot playing already when walking up to the venue.  The crowd was pretty good considering all the options for live music on this particular Saturday.

The Mayberry Riot delivered yet another great set.  They commanded the stage as they do and kept the crowd rocking throughout their entire set.  The newer material that they have been working on is really sounding great and I can't wait to have a CD of the songs to listen to!  The Mayberry Riot got the show started off right!

Next up was VIA.  It had been way too long since I'd seen these guys.  They had been through some band member changes, but it was back to the original, (to me anyway), lineup for this show!  I quickly remembered why I enjoyed listening to VIA after only the first song.  They all have a great amount of energy when they are on the stage and they definitely use every inch of it as they play and jump around.  If you saw my Instagram post, they had a little pig on one of the speakers.  I thought that was pretty funny considering the pig truck incident earlier that week.  VIA wowed me once again and I hope it won't be another two years until I see them again!

City of the Weak closed out the show.  Although the crowd had thinned out a bit for some reason, they got up on stage and played as though there was hundreds of people watching them.  They kicked up the energy and spent a good amount of time headbanging and jumping all over the stage.  There wasn't enough people to get a repeat of one of my favorite photos like last time, but the show was a fun time anyway.  City of the Weak's newest album, "Pulling Teeth", was recently released and they played a good amount of songs from the new album as well as most of the old favorites.  Stef took the opportunity to take selfies with fans in the front row and to make the show a more personal one for the smaller crowd.  All in all, their set was amazing and I look forward to the next show from City of the Weak!

As always, get out and support live music and I'll see you out there!


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