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Bobaflex Returns to Mankato, MN

April 20, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


It's been a bit since I took show photos!  I think the last one was Judas Priest at The Armory earlier this month.  So, with a couple of local shows in Mankato, I thought I would head to see Bobaflex and their return to Mankato at Red Rocks.  I wasn't totally sure what to expect, since the event only had Bobaflex and Strange Daze on the bill.  When I got to the venue and started talking with people, I found out there was actually 4 bands that would be there.  It would have been cool to know which bands were there in advance, but I guess that wasn't updated in time on the Facebook event.

Strange Daze went on first and delivered the performance that I have been used to seeing.  I've caught them multiple times and they are fun to watch.  The song lineup was a bit different this time, which was nice to see.  The big change was a new drummer, who seems to have slid in and gotten comfortable with all the songs as he played them flawlessly!  It was nice to catch another live show from Strange Daze!

Surprise band number 1 went on next.  Trip 6 is a 5 piece that had pretty good energy on one side of the stage.  Not sure if there just wasn't enough room to move much or if the band members stage right were just to focused on the technical aspect of their playing, but they didn't move much.  All that aside, Trip 6 was fun to watch and the crowd seemed to get into it.  The drummer told jokes between songs and got everyone laughing.  A powerful performance from Trip 6.  I would certainly check them out again.

The second surprise band, Andrew W. Boss, went up next.  They certainly kicked up the energy level during their performance.  They were running around on stage and off and would frequently head out into the crowd while playing.  In fact, I saw the bassist head outside to greet the smokers!  The craziness continued throughout their fast-paced set and it made me want to hear more.  They had a shorter set because the lead singer was fighting a cold, but I would love to see them in the future so I hope they return to Mankato.  Andrew W. Boss and his fun selection of shirts was a great addition to this show!

Bobaflex took the stage close to 10.  I was smart and had earplugs this time since they are known to put on a loud show!  This energy was much different from the last time they were in town.  Things seemed much more upbeat and positive.  They burned through the first few songs and were met with the crowd singing along and having a great time.  The lighting was much improved as well for this one.  I was actually pretty happy with the photos I got this time around.  Bobaflex is a favorite in the Mankato area and even though it was a Wednesday, the place was pretty full with people rocking out to every song.  I'm sure it will be the same when Bobaflex returns.

As always, get out and support live music and I'll see you out there!


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