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Blazing Into Spring Tour Stops at The What's Up Lounge

April 21, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

After waiting for what seemed like forever, Another Lost Year finally made it to Mankato, MN and I didn't have to travel for hours to see them!  Another Lost Year is one of the bands that is on my first three photographed and I try to make it to see them whenever they are close.  Joining them on this tour stop was No Resolve and Locust Grove.  This being a Thursday show and three out of town bands, I wasn't expecting a huge crowd since it seems Mankato doesn't like to check out new music.  So, it was the normal small show, but hopefully word will spread and the next one will be better!

Locust Grove started out the show.  I remember them being super crazy the last time they were here and it was about the same this time.  The lead singer started out the set from the crowd and there was many times the band left the stage to mingle while playing.  The last song included two of them walking to the back of The What's Up.  High energy and a lot of head-banging, hair-flipping action is what you can expect from these guys.  Locust Grove puts on a fun show and it was impressive to see that even with the smaller crowd.

Next up was new to me band, No Resolve.  Their set was a little shorter, but they started out fast and kept the pace going the entire time.  The crowd came back up to check them out shortly after they started playing and even though they weren't singing along, everyone looked to be having a great time.  With the number of people being lower, the band was able to cut loose and mess around on stage a bit.  I will be curious to see what is in store in the future for No Resolve.  They were a nice addition to this show!

Another Lost Year closed out the show after a quick stage change.  With all the new material that they have released since the last time I'd seen them, it was nice to see a lot of it played live.  With quite a number of songs to choose from, their set included some of the older songs that got me hooked on them in the first place.  Clinton joked around a lot between songs and I could tell the entire band was having a fun time.  There would be a funny story and somehow it would get tied into the next song they played.  Maybe 420 eve might have had something to do with it.  Even when the drummer's snare broke, they handled it by playing acoustic for a song while the issue was fixed.  They promptly started rocking again though and finished out the set strong and even had the singer from Locust Grove join them for the last song!  If Another Lost Year decides to stop in Mankato again, make a point to head out and see a show that you will be sure to love!

As always, get out and support live shows and I'll see you out there! 


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