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4 on the Floor Show Packs The What's Up Lounge

April 22, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I made a last minute decision to head to The What's Up Lounge again on Friday, April 20th to check out a band that has been showing up on my social media quite a bit as of late.  4 on the Floor was the band and judging from the large crowd, I wasn't the only one that wanted to see them.  I got to The What's Up around 9:20 pm and the first band was already playing, but it didn't seem like I missed much.  I weaved my way up to the stage and got to taking photos.

Phantom Feedback was mesmerizing the crowd with smooth and melodic songs.  This five piece included a keyboardist front and center with three guitarists filling out the front of the stage.  From the discussion between songs, it seems this band had not performed in over 3 years.  The keyboardist and the stage left guitarist did most of the singing, either together or on their own.  Their set was very fun both to watch and to listen to.  I saw their last song was going to be a cover, but they decided not to play it at the last moment, which was a smart choice.  I can easily see Phantom Feedback becoming a frequent performer at The What's Up and it will be interesting to see how they progress in the future.

Next up was The Tony Flynn Project.  Again, I didn't know what to expect since they were a band that was new to me like all of them at this show.  Right from the first song, I could tell these guys could rock.  Each song they played, whether it was a cover or an original song, was done perfectly.  The band member on stage left would switch between the flute and the sax which provided an extra bit of interest to each song.  The singer performed each song with a powerful voice that owned each of the songs in the set.  The plastic sign hung from the mic stand and the singer's socks were a nice addition for the holiday celebration!  The end of the set brought in the singer's brother to do some rapping parts.  All in all, The Tony Flynn Project is certainly a band you should check out next time they play in the Mankato area!

After a bit of technical issues, 4 on the Floor started out their set.  This was no ordinary rock band.  They commanded the stage as soon as they started with fast, heavy, and fun songs that everyone started grooving along with right away.  The singer looked like he was having a great time goofing off a little as he went through the songs.  When I was looking into the bands at this show, a lot of what I read and heard about 4 on the Floor emphasized they play shows for the crowd and themselves to a good time.  This was certainly accomplished at this show!  Even though the main idea was everyone in the band playing a bass drum, I don't think there was room to do so on the tiny stage at The What's Up since they only had the one drum set for this one.  They were all lined up at the front of the stage rather than having the drummer at the back, so they did the best they could with the smaller stage.  Maybe they brought the other drums out later in the show after I left, but either way, 4 on the Floor put on a show that I will be sure to check out again.  I hope to have the opportunity to photograph them and see them again!

As always, get out there and support live shows and I'll see you out there!


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