Askew View Photo | Fixated, March In Arms, and Time Keeper Play The What's Up Lounge

Fixated, March In Arms, and Time Keeper Play The What's Up Lounge

February 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

It's been a slow year so far for shows, so I decided to head out to The What's Up Lounge to check out some new music along with one band that I knew.  Fixated, March In Arms, and Time Keeper were on the lineup for the night and I was excited to check out the first two bands on the list.  I arrived around 9:30, which is usually good as the show start is usually pushed back.  It was, but Time Keeper was already done playing.  The bar staff informed me that it was a pretty short set though.  I'll have to make plans to check Time Keeper out in the future.

The crowd was standard for shows lately at The What's Up.  Even though there are a few with good attendance, this one was more like a practice run for the bands playing.  It's too bad too, because $5.00 would have provided a night of really good music.  After a pretty lengthy sound check, March In Arms took the opportunity to cut loose for their set and they certainly still had fun up on stage.  Heavy hitting songs were on the list for them and they kicked it up with 3 of them playing guitar.  I'd really recommend checking these guys out if they return to Mankato.  After talking to the lead singer, they said they would certainly be back.  Look up March In Arms on Facebook and give them a like and a listen!

Fixated closed it out and sound checked on the fly since they didn't get started until around 11.  They delivered the set that I remembered from the last time they were at The What's Up.  They started out strong and didn't let up until a few songs in to talk with the dwindling crowd.  A powerful performance indeed, Fixated would be fun to see playing with a full house.  They have chances for the crowd to really get involved with the performance and I'd like to see what would happen in that situation!  Keep an eye out for Fixated in your area and also check out their Facebook page to give their page a like a listen!

As always, get out there and support live music and I'll see you out there!


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