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Stone Sour and Steel Panther Rock The Myth

September 28, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It's been a busy week and Wednesday, September 27th was the 3rd of 4 shows for the week.  Stone Sour returned to The Myth and brought along Steel Panther!  I arrived right at 7:30 pm and there was already action on the stage.  The girls of The Cherry Bombs were warming up the stage and getting everyone ready for the show.  What's more, they used actual fire to warm up the stage!  Their set included burlesque dances, singing, fire dances, pole dances, and aerial silk dances!  They covered pretty much everything that you might want to see!  I didn't get there in time to catch the entire set, but what I did see was very impressive.  It takes a lot of skill to hang from cloth several feet above the stage!  If you are planning on going to this show on future tour dates, get there early to see The Cherry Bombs!

Steel Panther took the stage the same way they had in years past.  It seems they have to make a stop at The Myth every year, and the crowd certainly didn't mind.  Their set included all the crowd favorites, plenty of sexual jokes, and the occasional flash from the girls they brought up on stage.  The band really has a great time when they perform and they use the energy from the crowd to fuel even more lewd conversations between them.  As I walked around the venue, there were people yelling, laughing, and having a great time.  Steel Panther never fails to draw a crowd and put on a spectacular show!

After quite a wait, Stone Sour's set started much to the satisfaction of the cheering crowd.  The entire place was filled with yelling and singing once the band started playing.  Corey Taylor appeared to use that energy and give it back 10 fold as he headbanged multiple times within the first song.  In fact, he left for a bit and came back telling everyone that he tweaked his back, but the good news was that he didn't need his back to sing.  The band went right back into the next song with just as much energy, just not all the headbanging.  Corey would take a few drinks from a fresh bottle of water, then would proceed to empty the rest out into the crowd.  I actually got hit pretty good a couple of times!  The entire band was running around the stage set using every bit of it to keep the crowd going.  Everyone responded to each song with cheers and sang along with every one of them.  It was clear that people had been waiting for this show and Stone Sour delivered the performance that they had come to see!


Taipei Person / Allah Tea

Knievel Has Landed

Take a Number


Say You'll Haunt Me




Rose Red Violent Blue (This Song Is Dumb & So Am I)

Do Me A Favor

Cold Reader

Get Inside

Song #3

Through Glass


Gone Sovereign

Absolute Zero



As always, get out and support live music and I'll see you out there!


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