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Bobaflex Brings The Noise to Red Rocks in Mankato

September 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

One final show for the week and this one was locally in Mankato, MN at Red Rocks.  The lineup for this one included two well known bands and two that were new to me and quite a few others.  Bobaflex usually draws a decent crowd when they stop at Mankato, and this show wasn't any different.  I arrived at the venue a little after 8 and their was a pretty good amount of people already there.  It was enough to fill the floor by the stage when the first act started out the show.

The Mayberry Riot started out the night.  If you live in the Mankato area and haven't seen these guys yet, you must not like music all that much.  They've played multiple shows throughout town and I love it when I'm able to see their shows.  It seemed I wasn't the only one as people gathered and sang along with the band.  Make a point to see a live show from The Mayberry Riot.

As Spence announced the next band, Brand of Julez, he started out by saying he doesn't know a damn thing about them, and neither did many of us in the crowd.  However, it was clear after the first song that these guys were pretty amazing!  I hope that 95.7 starts playing their songs because they were definitely a surprise for the night.  Excellent band with a ton of energy from New York with a new album out, "Forward".  Be sure you check out Brand of Julez if you see they are playing in your area!

Next up was Beitthemeans, a band that must have been shy because they played in mostly darkness on the stage.  They played a quick set, but it was pretty heavy throughout the entire set.  I can certainly see why they label themselves as Southern Rock.  Not a ton of energy during the set, but a strong show of talent from each of the three members.  They were there to play their songs and to let the music do the talking for them.  Maybe I missed it, but the set ended without them saying they had one more song or anything.  They just finished the last song and that was it.  I would be curious to see another set from Beitthemeans as maybe they weren't feeling that well at this show.  Either way, it was a solid set.

Bobaflex is a band that I've been trying to get certain photos of and each show has presented challenges that prevent that.  Unfortunately, this show was also poorly front lit with a ton of light from the spots at the back of the stage.  Very difficult to get decent photos because of that.  Now, what I'm going to say next might make me sound old, but in my opinion the show was much too loud for the small venue.  This was an issue at Buster's last time as well, but it was no where near as loud as this show.  I like a good loud show as much as the next person, but when it distorts the vocals and makes it difficult to enjoy the show, it's too much.  I noticed within the first three songs a good amount of people walking back from the stage as well and judging from their reactions it was too loud for them as well.  Anyway, the amount of energy these guys display is still pretty impressive and the crowd gets into every song.  The band gave plenty of chances for them to sing along and fed on that energy during the show.  Seems like Bobaflex continues to grow their following in Mankato!

As always, get out and support live music and I'll see you out there.


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