Askew View Photo | Brit Floyd - Immersion World Tour 2017 Astounds at the Verizon Center in Mankato, MN

Brit Floyd - Immersion World Tour 2017 Astounds at the Verizon Center in Mankato, MN

July 11, 2017  •  1 Comment

I've been looking forward the the Brit Floyd show for a while now after hearing from a lot of people how cool it is.  It seemed that not only was the performance was amazing, the light show was equally as cool.  So, when it was announced that they were coming to Vetter Stone Amphitheater in Mankato, MN, I was pretty excited.

The day of the show brought the threat of thunderstorms, so the decision was made to move the show to the Verizon Event Center.  I think that pleased a lot of people since even though the storms weren't rolling in, the humidity was really high.  There wasn't as many people as I expected, but that changed quickly after I got there and got everything set up.  The start of the show was a little later to allow people to find their seats.  Once the lights went down, the crowd erupted with cheers.  They were ready for this show!

As soon as the band started playing, I could see why Brit Floyd gets such high reviews.  They sounded spot on and it was hard to tell a difference between the recorded songs and what we were hearing.  Everything from the singing and instruments to the background noises sounded pretty much like hearing the album.  The well choreographed light show that went with the performance was equally amazing.  Hearing some of my favorites like "Welcome to the Machine" and "Another Brick in the Wall" was cool enough, and Brit Floyd added in "Us and Them" complete with the saxophone!  Photos were interesting, as the individual performers were lit up one at a time and the entire band wasn't lit up very often.  The lighting seemed to focus on projecting out into the crowd.  I was still able to get the photos you see in the slideshow below.  The entire show was amazing and I'm glad that Brit Floyd added Mankato, MN as a stop on their Immersion World Tour!

As always, get out and support live music and I'll see you out there!


Vicki Zernechel(non-registered)
My husband and I went and it was Amazing! Your review sums up our experience. We are a huge fan of Brit Floyd. They are extremely talented.
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