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Never Say Die Returns to Mankato

June 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Between all the venues in Mankato that have live music, there have been a lot of awesome shows so far this year!  Wednesday, June 21st was yet another great show at The What's Up Lounge!  Presented by The What's Up and 95.7 The Rock Station, Never Say Die returned for round 2, and they were met with a decent crowd for a Wednesday in Mankato!  The show started an hour earlier than most of the show at The What's Up, and that was fine with me!  I got there right about the time the show was about to start and it started shortly after the 8:00 pm mark!

Eris started out the show with a very pleasing set.  This newer band based in the Twin Cities seemed to start out slower and build up in energy as they went through their set.  Maybe it was because they started when it was still daylight out, (Summer Solstice if you didn't know!), or maybe that was their plan.  Either way, it worked for them and created the energy needed to start out the night!  I loved the music and I am curious to see how Eris progresses in the coming months!  Look for a show in your area and check them out!

Next up was the band that I think I've seen the most since starting my photography career!  The Mayberry Riot is a well known band in the Mankato area and it has been a few months since the last time I was able to make it to one of their shows.  The new material they played was really good and I hope to hear more next time I see them!  With the small stage at The What's Up, they don't move around much and for some reason, they seemed to be more shy as the lights were turned down for their set.  It did give me a chance to really put the new camera to the test and see what it could handle.  The Mayberry Riot put on the usual top notch show that they are known for!

Now it was time to finish off the show with Never Say Die.  They had a show recently in Mankato and it went over pretty good last time apparently.  This time seemed to be good as well!  For anyone that doesn't know the back story on Never Say Die, they were formed when My Darkest Days singer, Matt Walst transitioned over to front Three Days Grace.  Reid Henry and Brendan McMillan went on to start up Never Say Die and pick up where My Darkest Days left off.  Now that you know the story, I can say without doubt that these guys put on one hell of a show!  As it usually is throughout the night, people tend to hang out at the back of the venue for opening acts and sometimes even stay there for the whole show.  This was not the case here.  Everyone at The What's Up was front and center to see Never Say Die.  It seems that they made quite the impression at the first show and after seeing their performance I could see why.  Full of energy with plenty of crowd engagement, Never Say Die went all out for the entire set!  I hear a rumor that they will be returning in the near future, so be sure you keep your eyes open for that show!

As always, get out and support live music and I'll see you out there! 


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