Askew View Photo | Highly Suspect Rocks the Main Room of First Avenue While Jain Grooves at The Entry

Highly Suspect Rocks the Main Room of First Avenue While Jain Grooves at The Entry

April 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It was a night of SOLD OUT shows for First Avenue & 7th St. Entry!  Highly Suspect and And The Kids brought the rock to the Main Room while Jain and Two Feet laid down a groove in The Entry.  I did my best to cover both of the shows and was able to get photos of all the bands.  I got to First Avenue about 15 minutes before showtime and there was still quite the line on either side of the venue.  I got in and figured out how to get back and forth to each of the venues and got everything set up and ready to get photos.

The show started first in the Main Room with And The Kids.  They had a slower groove to their music, which was quite the contrast from Highly Suspect.  They didn't do a lot of moving around on the stage, but they also didn't have a lot of room.  The crowd really got into their performance and as I was walking around the venue getting wide shots I could hear people singing along.  They certainly got the place ready for more great music by the time their set was done.  I really enjoyed And The Kids and would definitely see them play live again.

I quickly headed over to The Entry to catch as much of Two Feet as I could.  They started a little after 9:00 and the floor by the stage was already packed with people.  I decided to hang toward the back of the venue and use my zoom lens since The Entry isn't too big.  Two Feet were great musically, but their lighting was not helpful at all from a photographer's point of view.  They were heavily back lit with red light and more red lights that they had brought with them.  I didn't really get too much as far as photos are concerned because of this.  I did sneak up to the side of the stage, but it was so packed it was hard to get anything there either.  Like I said, musically, they were really fun to listen to.  Two Feet had a nice mix of slower jams and a few quicker songs from the time I was able to watch them that had the crowd jumping around and singing along.

I would have preferred to stay longer at the Two Feet show, but showtime for Highly Suspect was 9:15 and the first three songs is all I get to be in the pit, so I had to head back to the Main Room.  I remembered Highly Suspect's show from the Fine Line last year and that place was just as packed as First Avenue was.  There were people everywhere by this point!  Starting out with their cover of "Send Me An Angel", Highly Suspect kept up the pace throughout their entire set!  Songs like "Bath Salts", "Lydia", and "My Name Is Human" got the venue roaring with cheers when everyone heard the first few notes.  I jumped over to The Entry after about 5 songs, but I was back in time to hear them play "Lydia" live again.  It certainly was amazing to hear the songs that I love on the radio played live.  I will always attempt to cover Highly Suspect when they stop in the Minnesota area!

Like I mentioned, I jumped over to The Entry midway through Highly Suspect's set.  That place was even more packed and it was extremely difficult to even move around by this point.  It was clear that people had come to check out Jain.  I was impressed by the videos that I had watched online and it was even more amazing to see them performed live!  It was just her up on stage and she would jump over to a small setup of equipment to mix vocals and the music every now and then.  After she mixed it how she liked, she would jump back out to the edge of the stage to sing for the crowd.  I started out on the side of the stage, but it was even more difficult to get anything from there as far as photos are concerned.  I reached up and around a wall to see if I could get lucky enough to get something and I managed one decent photo.  After trying there I opted to head to the back and stand on the bench to get the remainder of my photos.  Jain puts on a great show and I would love to see her again in the future!

It was a crazy night running around!  Like I said, all the bands were really good and fun to listen to and watch.  My only issue was getting up close to the stage at The Entry, but if I had been there from the time the show started, I would have grabbed a spot up front and stayed there!  I'll have to get someone to hold my spot next time!!

As always, get out and support live music and I'll see you out there!


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