Askew View Photo | Glory Horse, Scarlet Canary, and Common Choir Rock The What's Up Lounge

Glory Horse, Scarlet Canary, and Common Choir Rock The What's Up Lounge

February 26, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It was quite the weekend for events in Mankato, and Saturday, February 25th I chose to head over to The What's Up once again to catch Glory Horse, Scarlet Canary, and Common Choir.  When I got there, the crowd was pretty standard again with not too many there yet.  It did fill in as the night went on.

Common Choir started out the night fast and heavy.  I hadn't seen them before, mostly because they are a newer band.  They have a lot of energy on stage and were a blast to watch.  It will be interesting to watch this Twin Cities based band as they grow!

Next up was Scarlet Canary.  I caught these guys at LoCoFest in Algona, IA and was really looking forward to seeing a full set by them since I was only able to catch 2-3 songs last time.  They certainly were worth the wait!  The band has certain points throughout the show where they seemed to have set moves they all performed in unison!  It was cool to watch that.  The two noodle guys in the background was a nice touch as well!  It's safe to say they won over the crowd at The What's Up and I hope they will return soon!

Finally, it was time for Glory Horse.  Based here in Mankato, they were an obvious local favorite as the crowd gathered up front near the stage.  They had everyone up there dancing along with each song.  The lead singer must have been fighting a cold or something that played havoc on her voice.  Even when she was talking between songs, she sounded pretty rough.  Hopefully, she gets better soon!  The only issue was that the keyboard player was hidden off in a dark corner and you can see that in the photos.  I had to leave early because I got a call from my other job, but when I left, everyone was having a great time!

Another great show at The What's Up and there are many more on the way, so head over to their website or Facebook page to see everything coming up!

As always, get out and support live music and I'll see you out there!


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