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A Night of Two Piece Bands with KrashKarma at The What's Up Lounge

November 03, 2017  •  1 Comment

KrashKarma made a stop at The What's Up Lounge on Thursday, November 2nd, 2017.  I'd been waiting to catch them since the basement venue, (The Afterlife Lounge), was around and they played there.  I finally got my chance and, even though it was a weekday, I had to go check this band out.  The show was scheduled to start at 8, but the music didn't start going until closer to 9.  Maybe the venue was waiting for more people to show up as the turnout wasn't as good at this one.

Beulah Rue started out the show with their musical numbers.  There was no singing from these two guys and they played melodic tunes for the crowd that seemed to have been there just to watch them.  With a drum set and one guitar, they sounded like a full band up on the stage!  There was a little technical difficulties with a cord, but the guy from KrashKarma quickly jumped in with a spare cord so the band could keep playing.  Beulah Rue was quite entertaining to listen to!

Next up was KrashKarma.  Even though the venue was pretty barren, the two put on a show worthy to be viewed by thousands!  Nicole's drum set was designed for each part of the set.  Ralf and her could stand on it since there was a platform type structure on top of the bass drum.  They had their own lights that went on during specific parts during their set.  Even the crowd interaction pulled in the few people that were watching.  I can imagine the effect would be much greater with a big crowd!  Ralf jumped all about the stage while playing his guitar, which was made to produce sounds from a bass guitar and a regular guitar at the same time like Beulah Rue did.  Nicole got a bat out for one song and banged on a broken cymbal on the ground during the chorus.  It was certainly an awesome show.  I know that KrashKarma wanted to return to The What's Up, so keep your eyes open for when they do!

Finally, KALI with ywywwm started setting up.  I wasn't able to watch their performance, as the late start pushed everything back too far and I had an early morning.  I'll have to catch them in the future as I heard they had played at The What's Up before.

As always, get out and support live music and I'll see you out there!


Kevin Filter(non-registered)
Hey, I'm the guitarist for Beulah Rue. These pictures are incredible and really show how intense KrashKarma were live. The small turnout didn't slow them down a bit. We need to get them back to town! Thanks so much for documenting the show.
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