Jeremy Larsen
I specialize in live performance photography, but I love using my skills in just about every area from portraits to nature.
I knew that I always loved photography.  From the days of film and polaroids, I've always had a camera to mess around with.  After much thought and convincing from my wife, Amy, I finally went out and purchased a DSLR to start really getting into the photography world.  I started out with photos of my family and friends and was able to drive my ambition when I saw how well those first photos turned out.  I kept practicing and experimenting with new techniques, all the time staying in manual mode to learn how to use the camera to its greatest potential.
Shortly after Halloween on 2012, I found a place in Algona, IA that had live music.  I thought it would be cool to take photos during the shows and so I did.  I only had the basic lens that came with the camera and even though that first night of photos was horrible, it drove me further into that world trying to make them better.  In 2015 I started to hit the shows heavily, requesting to shoot some of the bigger names and I started getting approved for more and more as time went on all the while the photos got better as I used different techniques and gear.
To date, I've shot many bands and each year I get to check off more from my list!  I look forward to the day when I can do performance photography for a living, but I'm taking it one show at a time!