Deadset Society Returned to Rock The What's Up Lounge!

September 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I've been enjoying all the great shows that I have been able to catch right here in Mankato, MN lately.  The What's Up Lounge and 95.7 The Rock Station have really been working hard to bring these act to town.  Saturday, September 2nd was one of these shows.  Deadset Society, (formerly known as Never Say Die), made a return along with Fixated and Version 5.  The venue wasn't as full as the last few shows, but there was still a pretty decent turnout.  Those that were there were certainly ready to rock!

Version 5 started out the show.  They were setting up when I got there and it was interesting what they were placing on the stage, mainly two stacks of halogen lights!  Version 5, (based in Minneapolis), consists of only two members, one plays guitar while the other sings and handles multiple boards that control beats and other cool effects.  They had a very Nine Inch Nails sound to them.  In fact, one of the songs they performed was a NIN song, "The Hand That Feeds".  The large light only came on a few times, but they certainly lit up the place when they did!  They even had a smaller box at the front of the stage with one light that had a foot switch that made for some pretty cool shots.  Version 5 was a nice addition to the show and I'm glad I was able to see them for the first time.  Most likely I'll be seeing them again in the future!

Next up was Fixated.  This was another band that I was seeing for the first time.  They had a ton of energy and cranked the volume up to well past 10 for their set.  The crowd responded by getting up closer to the stage during their set.  They performed a good mix of original music and covers from Dropkick Murphys and Deftones , to name a couple.  As they moved around the stage, they would pose or make faces at me when they saw the camera pointed at them!  If you are looking for some serious hard rock from a band, Fixated should be on your list to see.

Deadset Society brings a crowd whenever they are in town and this night was no different.  Once Fixated was done and started to tear down, the crowd was up front by the stage to get the front row spots!  When the first thing Reid, (lead vocals), does is jump off the kick drum, you know this show is going to be crazy.  They delivered the show that Mankato has gotten used to.  These guys are high energy and give plenty of chances for the crowd to interact during their set.  What is more amazing is that they explained they drove from Kansas to this show.  Even with that long of a drive and being pretty tired, they still went on and put on one hell of a performance for the smaller crowd.  Bands that put on the same show, large or small, have my respect and Deadset Society certainly earned that at this show.

Let's keep up the support for these local shows!  Be sure to like The What's Up Lounge and all the wonderful venues in Mankato that have live music on Facebook so you can see all the great stuff that is playing right in your hometown!

As always, get out and support live music and I'll see you out there! 


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