Shallow Side Rocks at Red Rocks in Mankato

June 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Shallow Side returned to Mankato on Wednesday, June 28th and this time they played at Red Rocks in Mankato.  Sponsored by 95.7 The Rock Station, the show had a pretty decent turnout for a Wednesday show.  I really like the venue and there are a lot of possibilities to have more shows at Red Rocks with the layout they have.  The show started at 8:30 and people slowly trickled in between 8 and showtime.

The Mayberry Riot started out the show.  They were a last minute addition since One Steel Wound was unable to attend due to vehicle issues.  Even though I had just seen them play the week prior, I still had a great time!  It's funny how I went so long without seeing them and then I catch them two weeks in a row!  With all the other equipment on the stage, there certainly wasn't much room for them to move around, but they made the best of it.  Another stellar performance from The Mayberry Riot!!  I highly recommend going to check them out if you can!

Next up was Vyces.  I had looked them up on YouTube and really liked what I found.  So, I was looking forward to seeing them live.  They brought their own lighting which made photos a lot more challenging since it was mostly back-lit.  Their set was amazing though!  They had a ton of energy and kept it up through the entire set.  They also did a great job keeping everyone engaged during the small breaks in the music for instrument changes.  I'd like to see what they could do on a larger stage.  They had three risers set up and used them occasionally, but maybe they would have done more if they had the room.  Hopefully, Vyces will return to the Mankato area again soon!

The last time Shallow Side was in town they had a nice turnout at The What's Up Lounge.  It was still a pretty good crowd during their set this time around.  These guys really know how to put on a show!  The drummer basically never stops moving and has a great time making faces at the crowd all while singing and playing.  The guitarist jumps and spins all over the place and occasionally provides vocals as well.  The bassist also moves constantly around the stage and get's the crowd excited.  Even the singer keeps things interesting with stories between songs and generally getting the crowd moving and participating in the show for the entire set!  The guys were just as cool off the stage after the set as they were on stage.  I really hope they return to Mankato and the crowd keeps getting bigger!  If what you want is a great rock show that keep you entertained, check out Shallow Side!

As always, get out and support live music and I'll see you out there!


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