POS Returned to a Packed House at The What's Up Lounge

April 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It seems that there were a lot of people that were awaiting the return of POS at The What's Up Lounge in Mankato, MN on Monday, April 3rd.  There was quite a buzz about the show in the weeks prior and the amount of people that showed up was nice to see for a Monday show.  I got to The What's Up a little early and the show started around 8:00 pm.

Professor Fresh started out the show and got everyone at The What's Up jumping and dancing along.  He set a high standard for the following acts with his quick word play and unique musical mixes.  Professor Fresh is certainly a favorite in Mankato and I can see why after watching his live set!

J Plaza was up next.  His background beats were a little slower, but the crowd still responded by getting right up front and having a great time.  After the first song, he asked for the lights to be turned way down, so I ended up waiting for brief flashes of light.  The growing number of people at The What's Up certainly enjoyed J Plaza and his live performance!

POS came in from the stage door to start his set and the crowd went wild when they saw him.  There was a little mistake in the first song, but he and his DJ recovered quickly and kept the show going.  POS had a very high energy set and everyone packed up as close to the stage as they could to see it.  Each song built up the energy level even further and people were jumping around so much I could feel the floor moving quite a bit more than it usually does.  It always makes me laugh a bit when that happens!  POS put on a great live show and closed out the show right!

As always, get out there and support live music and I'll see you out there!


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