Fans Get Nostalgic in Mankato at the I Love The 90's Show

April 15, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The "I Love The 90's" tour made a stop in Mankato, MN at the Verizon Center on Thursday, April 13th and reminded everyone there how much fun the 90's were!  The lineup for this show was packed with great musicians from the era and judging from the buzz before the show, a lot of people were excited for this one.

Shortly after the doors were opened, the show got started by getting random people on stage to play a game.  They had to guess a 90's show after the DJ played a short part of the theme music.  If the person guessed it correctly, they won their time on stage to dance with Salt N Pepa.  It was a cool way to have something happening on stage to get people ready for the show.

By the time the game was over the Verizon Center was filling up nicely.  The people actually kept on arriving throughout the night and there was a really good amount of people that showed up!  As expected, each act had a pretty limited time on stage.  Young MC took to the stage first and had enough time to play all his hits for the crowd.  It was the same for Tone LOC as well.  Both of them worked the crowd up and had them singing to each song they played!  There was a series of screens at the back of the stage and it played the original videos from each of the artists as they performed.  Tone LOC played a short part of the movie "Ace Ventura" before he went on!  Midway through his set, he had people from the crowd up on stage with him singing and dancing along!

Color Me Badd took the stage next and showed Mankato that they still had the moves.  They kept the crowd dancing and singing along for their entire set.  Coolio was up next and continued the trend.  After he was done, however, he came out into the pit and gave hugs to some of the people that were up at the barrier.  I though that was really cool!  Coolio's set was a little longer than the others and he brought out a guitarist and drummer for his performance.

All 4 One went on next and they certainly had the choreography for their dances down!  They jumped all over that stage while they performed!  I love seeing that amount of energy and the crowd certainly did as well.  Rob Base was the last opener and him and his DJ kicked the party into high gear.  The crowd really went crazy during his performance!

Once Salt N Pepa took the stage, everyone knew the party was in full swing!  The crowd went wild when they saw Salt N Pepa take the stage.  DJ Spinderella was also with them for this show.  Salt N Pepa would play a few songs, then talk to the crowd for a while, and brought people up on stage with them multiple times!  The first was for the ladies and it was pretty crazy up on stage during that!  Everyone was dancing and singing along and Salt N Pepa walked around and sang with some of the ladies on stage.  It was the same when it was the guys turn!  This time though, there was three kids that went up.  One was dancing for the crowd and everyone loved it, including the band!  One guy took his shirt off and danced for Salt.  It was very crazy and a lot going on, as you can tell from the photos!  Salt N Pepa finished up the set with confetti shot out into the crowd during their last song.  It's safe to say everyone had a great time!

It was certainly a long night as I was able to photograph for the entire show, and I'm glad I did!  I would have missed a lot of cool moments if it was only the first three songs like it normally is.  If you were at this show or loved the 90's, comment on your favorite part of the show or what you loved about the 90's!!  To finish up, here are a bunch of the random crown photos!

As always, get out and support live music and I'll see you out there!


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