Justin Moore and Lee Brice Bring The American Made Tour to Mankato, MN

April 16, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Mankato, MN got a healthy dose of country music on Saturday, April 15th as the American Made Tour made a stop at the Verizon Center.  The tour featured two big names, Lee Brice and Justin Moore, co-headlining the show.  Brett Young was the opener for the Mankato show.

When I arrived at the venue, the line of people waiting to get in was crazy!  I could tell right away that this was going to be a packed show.  The setup was similar to many of the country shows I have been to lately with a VIP pit up front and then seats behind that.  There was no pit for this one and I took my photos while mingling with the crowd.  It's a different experience and it makes things interesting at times!

Brett Young opened up the show right on time and the women at the barrier were really excited to see him!  Brett reached out on occasion and held hands with some of the members of the crowd and took time to sing to them as well.  If between songs he would tell a story about the next song he was going to sing.  His set was about a half hour and it was evident there was a good number of people that showed up early to see Brett Young!

Next up was my favorite of the show, Lee Brice.  I had seen him live at County on the River and was blown away by his show, so I was glad to be able to see his show again!  This was a show that Mankato won't soon forget.  He rocked the house with his hits, some lesser played songs, and even some covers like Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls"!  Toward the end of the set, there was a group of people that came up on stage and gave away a house!  I was out of the main floor and didn't catch the name of the group, but it was pretty cool to see.  After that, he played "I Drive Your Truck" for all the Veterans at the Verizon Center while the crowd lit up the place with only cell phone lights!  He ended his set with what seemed to be the crowd favorite, "Parking Lot Party" and it certainly was a party for that song as everyone danced and sang along!  Lee Brice is one hell of a performer and I will look forward to seeing his show again soon!

Justin Moore took the stage after a pretty long stage switch and the crowd went nuts!  Since he will be one of the headliners at Country on the River this year, I was looking forward to seeing what I should expect.  His first few songs, (the ones I was able to take photos of), he had his hat on with the brim down almost covering his eyes.  It was difficult to time the photos for when the hat was up!  The crowd didn't mind and was loving every minute of it.  Justin covered all areas of the stage and made sure to sing toward everyone.  He didn't pause at all between songs at first, but I did hear him talking as I was packing up my camera gear.  Each song he started was met with cheers followed shortly by singing along!  Justin Moore closed out the show in style!

I stopped at a nearby bar with a group of friends and watched as a few of the people from the show came in and overheard them talking about how much fun the show was.  It's always cool to hear things like that!

As always, get out and support live music and I'll see you out there!


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