Matrekis Returns to The What's Up Lounge in Mankato

March 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It was a busy night in Mankato on Friday, March 24th.  After the show at Mankato Brewery, (Click Here for that review), I still had some time to check out The What's Up Lounge to see the show there.  Matrekis, Locust Grove, and Ugly were playing there.  I missed Ugly since I was at the other show, but judging by the crowd, it must have been a great show!  

As I said, it was a decent crowd for this show.  Locust Grove was setting up for their set when I got to The What's Up and shortly got to rocking.  I have to say that I was really impressed by these guys!  I hadn't seen them before, but they certainly had a ton of energy and they loved the camera!  If they saw me pointing it at them, they made a face or struck a pose for me!  I love it when bands do that!  There was plenty of hair flying during their set as well, since they all kept it long.  They certainly blew everyone away and left them wanting more!  They played one extra song, which was a cover the singer had to read the lyrics off his phone for.  That was interesting, but they did a great job!  I will certainly keep an eye out for the next time Locust Grove comes to town!

Closing out the show was Matrekis, (or Mattress Springs as Locust Grove called them!).  I caught these guys a while back at Buster's and was interested to see how they have progressed over that time.  They still had the same amount of energy on stage and made it feel like a party during their set.  These guys keep it really simple for their set as well.  They kept the amount of equipment on the stage to a minimum to allow for maximum metal and really focused on the musical aspect during their set.  I had to leave a few songs into their set, but they were still rocking out hard enough to hear them outside as I walked to my car!  The guys in Matrekis have become a must see when they stop in Mankato!

And that was the end to my busy night!  As always, support live music and I'll see you out there!


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