Kenny Rogers and Linda Davis Delight Crowd at Verizon Wireless Center

March 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The snow was coming down pretty good on Sunday, March 12th, but that didn't stop people from heading out to see Kenny Rogers on his "Gambler's Last Deal" tour featuring Linda Davis at the Verizon Wireless Center!  I arrived at the Event Center at about 5:30 pm and was pleased to see all the people that had still made it out!  We weren't able to head into the main room until closer to 6, but the hallway outside got pretty packed before that.  Once the doors opened and people made their way in, it hit me that I was going to photograph a musical icon when I saw the stage setup.  Since the main floor was seating, I would be staying back toward the sound booth for the night and I kind of knew that is how things would go.

I loved watching everyone getting excited for the show in the hour I was waiting in the venue.  People were going up to the stage and taking selfies.  Once the band members came out on stage, the crowd started clapping for the show to start and they all went really crazy when Kenny walked out from behind the stage.  In between each song, Kenny told a little story about the next song, told jokes, and generally had a great time on stage.  He did a few compilation pieces where he sang only parts of each song.  I suppose with the extensive song library he has, it was the best way to get as many songs for the crowd as possible.  My favorite part of the night was when he was going through the lyrics for "Just Dropped In" and how he explained that the 60's was an interesting time!

Every so often, Linda Davis would come out and sing a song with Kenny.  Each time she had a new outfit on and Kenny made sure to make a joke about how he told her to bring a lot of dresses because she would have to wear a different one for each song she did!  It was a great evening of music and I feel very honored to have witnessed and photographed such a legend in the musical industry!  I only hope my photos do the show justice!

As always, get out and support live music and I'll see you out there!


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