Cold Kingdom's Tour Kickoff Show at Mankato Brewery Rocked

March 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

If you live in Minnesota and follow local rock bands, you know that Cold Kingdom is on the verge of something big!  They recently announced that they will be touring with Shinedown and Friday, March 24th was the first of two shows they have to send them off for touring in a big way!  The venue was the Mankato Brewery and it had been a long time since I had shot photos there.  Mankato Brewery has changed their bar and moved the stage further back and with the amount of people that packed the room it was clear to see why!  I heard comments all night about how good the beer was.  If you haven't tried a beer brewed at Mankato Brewery, it seems the consensus is that it's delicious!

At any rate, I knew this wasn't going to be the best show for lighting going into it and that was about the only thing they haven't upgraded yet.  Two light poles on each side of the stage was all they had besides the lighting on the ceiling.  You can see in the photos that it was quite the challenge getting the exposure right.

At any rate, Arms For Elephants opened up this show right at 7:00 pm!  I'm not sure what I can say about these guys that I haven't in the past.  The energy they have on stage was amazing as always.  Matt did step up and play guitar for the first time in a while and Fletch mentioned how it seemed he fell right back into it quickly.  I think it's great how these guys joke around in between songs and keep everything fun.  It's never a bad show when Arms For Elephants is playing!

Time for Cold Kingdom to take the stage.  I'll admit, it had been way too long since the last time I'd seen them play live.  They broke out the new songs from their recently released EP.  If you didn't participate in the Indiegogo campaign last year, your only chance to get the new EP is at their show on Saturday, March 25th at the Fine Line Music Cafe!  Even though they are going through a bit of a rough time with their vehicles, Cold Kingdom came out and put on a performance that Mankato won't soon forget!  Cold Kingdom always puts on a remarkable show though.  It was nice to see a longer set from them, as the last few times I caught them, they were opening for another band.  Be sure to show your support to help Cold Kingdom through their upcoming tour by buying merch, getting their EP at the Fine Line show, or even donate some cash to help them pay for repairs!  I'm excited to see where Cold Kingdom will go in the next couple of years!

It was great to see the strong turnout for a show in Mankato!  I'd love to see this at every show!  As always, support live music and I'll see you out there!


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