A Quick Question and Answer Session with Letters From The Fire

February 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

We had a chance to catch up with Mike of Letters From The Fire via email after their recent show at The Cabooze and ask a few questions!  Of course, we had to throw in a couple of our normal crazy questions!  Here is the quick interview:

AV:  You chose some very deep topics for your songs.  Is this like audio therapy for all of you when you delve into the deep dark corners like that?

LFTF:  I think its always an artist's goal to be as real as they can with their own experiences.  Its the difference between artists who truly connect with their audience and artists who just rhyme some words and hope to write a hit.  I mean we have to get up on stage every day and sell what we are talking about.  What better way than to truly believe your message?

AV:  I read some of your (Alexa’s) greatest influences came from pop artists Like Christina Aguilera and but your music apple falls far from that tree.  Was there ever a time you thought you’d be a pop star?

LFTF:  Well its not the music that is Pop influenced, but her melodies that are very pop influenced.  We just found this really cool way to melt both worlds together.  You also have to remember that Alexa came into a pre-formed band with a sound.  Unfortunately Alexa isn't here, but from what I know of my friend, I would say that she's always loved rock and singing over heavier music is what she digs.

AV:  Are there any bands/performers that you try not to miss going to see when they’re touring?

LFTF:  I think Alexa and Cameron are probably the ones that go to shows the most.  I (Mike), Brian, and Clayton just kind of stay away from music when we are home.  When you tour its music 24/7...so its kind of nice to get away from it.

AV:  Time to lighten it up a little.  Since there is a speed of light and a speed of sound, is there a speed of smell?

LFTF:  Only when tacos are around ;)

AV:  What is the furthest you’ve traveled for a gig?

LFTF:  Well...I mean we travel all over the country non stop.  But in a single drive...probably about 13 hours.

AV:  Touring is tough on a personal life how do you balance that?

LFTF:  Its definitely tough.  Tougher for those in the band who have relationships at home.  But we as a band do our best to support our band mates and ease that pain by having significant others come out on the road for bits of time.  This is just the nature of the game.  Some are built for it and some just are not.

AV:  How different is being a musician in reality from what you thought it would be before you began?

LFTF:  What I have learned is that being a musician is so much more than just playing an instrument and singing.  Its understanding a business.  You have to know marketing, social media, how to interact with fans, how to interact with the industry etc etc.  It literally gets harder and harder the bigger you get.

AV:  In the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty, it is never mentioned that the character is an egg? So, why do you suppose he is always depicted as an egg?

LFTF:  I think the name Humpty Dumpty gives off that egg vibe you know?

I'd like to give a huge thank you to Mike for taking the time to answer a few questions!  Check out Letters From The Fire by clicking the links below!!

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