Frogleg Grooves at The What's Up Lounge

February 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I decided to head out Saturday, February 18th and check out Frogleg and Tom Hamilton's American Babies at The What's Up Lounge.  I was treated to a groovy jam session by each band.  It was certainly worth checking out.

The What's Up can be iffy when it comes to attendance, and it started out a little thin on this warmer than usual February night.  It did fill in quite nicely once the first band went on.

Lighting was pretty standard for The What's Up.  They have two LED bars on either side of the stage and that helps a bit unless it's strong purple or red.  I've grown used to the conditions there, so it's not a huge issue!

Tom Hamilton's American Babies started out the show and spent a little over an hour jamming for the crowd.  Smooth sounds and occasional singing was the style for this band that filled the stage.  They had three guitars, one bass guitar, and the drummer all crammed up on the small stage!  Tom Hamilton's American Babies was definitely a band to listen to when you wanted to chill for a while.

Frogleg hit the stage after a quick stage change.  They also had five band members up on the stage consisting of two guitarist, the bassist, and two drummers.  This was only part of the band, however, as they are normally a 7 piece.  I assume the issue was there wasn't enough room and one of the setups was a large keyboard stand.  The music Frogleg played was also mellow and soothing.  They certainly were exactly what their website decribed them as, which was a "unique blend of Funk, Reggae, Rock, Jazz and Bluegrass".  There was more of a crowd that gathered for Frogleg, and they were all dancing and having a great time!  Since they are based in Minneapolis, those of you reading in the Twin Cities area should head out to a Frogleg show and check them out if you would like a night of great music and dancing!

As always, get out and support live music and I'll see you out there.


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