Windborne's 'The Music of Queen' Plus the Mankato Symphony Orchestra Equals a Fantastic Show!

November 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Last year around this time, I was amazed by a performance that included the Mankato Symphony Orchestra and the music of Led Zeppelin.  This year, I was equally as pleased as Windborne's 'The Music of Queen' played at Verizon Center's Grand Hall again with The Mankato Orchestra.  I knew a little more what to expect and was looking forward to hearing my favorite Queen hits!  The crowd was just getting settled in when the show began.

Right from the first song, I loved the singer and all the other members of the main band.  It sounded really close to the real thing!  The singer was fun and engaged the crowd on many occasions.  He made sure to mock them when they didn't respond to his liking!  The singer even got down into the crowd to sing during one song.  The Mankato Symphony Orchestra added a dynamic to the show that pushed it into fantastic territory!  I could tell the entire band and orchestra were having a great time.  The songs that were played ranged all through Queen's history.  There was really no choice but to sing along with each song.  Windborne's 'The Music of Queen' with the Mankato Symphony Orchestra was a wonderful show!

As always, get out there and support live music and I'll see you out there!


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