Flipp, Enemy Planes, and VIA at First Avenue on Friday, July 1st

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If you were looking for a way to start out the first weekend of July, First Avenue is where you should have been!  Flipp returned to the stage and playing with them was Enemy Planes and VIA.  This was kind of a last minute show, but I didn't have any shows lined up and I was itching to shoot.  The guys in VIA were kind enough to help me get in on this show and I thank them!!  I got to First Avenue about 5 minutes to showtime, 8:00, and had to hurry to start taking photos on time.  The venue wasn't too full yet, but pretty good for the first day of a holiday weekend.

VIA's intro song, (Prince), had gotten done and they were a little into their first song when I got my camera gear on and started taking photos.  They were killing it up there.  I could tell they were extremely pumped up to be playing on the First Avenue stage.  I had seen posts on Facebook about playing here being on their bucket list and they made it onto this stage!  If you keep up with all my reviews, you know that I've seen VIA plenty of times, this being the third time this year alone.  Each time they amaze me even more.  Jason's vocals are phenomenal and are matched by Sam and Eric's high energy presence on stage.  Round that out with Ben's stick throwing beats and you've got a band that puts on one hell of a show!  VIA has been adding some newer songs into their set and it's interesting to see how their music grows with each new song I hear.  I highly recommend seeing VIA live if you get the chance.


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Next up was Enemy Planes.  I was a little worried at first by the lighting as it was pretty dark for the first song or two, but they lit it up later in song 2.  I thought this was going to be one of those bands that played in the dark because the music was slower, but Enemy Planes picked up the pace early on and kept it going throughout the set.  This was a band I hadn't heard before and I was happily surprised.  The singer's range was pretty amazing and he hit some pretty high notes in some of the songs.  Backed up by the keyboard player, the two created some beautiful harmonies that were mesmerizing.  Their last song brought all of them to some drums and the two keyboards to play a really high energy all drum and keyboard beat solo of sorts.  Kind of hard to describe, but it was really amazing to watch.  I wish I had been in a position to get photos of it.  I would love to see Enemy Planes live again!

Enemy Planes

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After a really long wait, Flipp took the stage and the crowd roared with excitement when they knew band members were heading to the stage!  The place had filled up quite nicely by this point, with the main floor being packed.  I have to admit, when I saw the stage props and the outrageous outfits, I thought this was going to be a band that relied on gags and funny material during the set.  However, after the first 30 seconds it was apparent that these guys were so much more than that.  Flipp completely rocked!  I don't know the history of the band, but from what I've looked at they were a band that, (from their Facebook page), "is a Minneapolis-based band (1995) which attempted to revive the Glam-rock era of the early 1970's using its combination of tongue-in-cheek social commentary, self-deprecating wit, cartoonish stage costumes and bizarre, non-sensical electronics."  It was quite the energetic show and that description was pretty spot on.  The crowd absolutely loved it.  There was even a mosh pit going during their set.  It was a little bit of everything during Flipp's return to the stage!  Let's hope they play more shows in the near future!



First Avenue & 7th Street Entry

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It was a great show to start July out with!  I love watching new bands that catch my interest!  I even got to put out some flyers for LoCoFest to get the word out!  Click HERE to learn more about that festival on August 12th!!

As always, get out and support live music and I'll see you out there!


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