Home Free Wows a SOLD OUT Crowd at Verizon Event Center

December 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

If you were one of the lucky people that got a ticket to see Home Free:  A Country Christmas Tour before it sold out, you know that you were treated to an amazing show!  I knew once I crossed the bridge to the downtown area and saw all the traffic that this was a show that many Mankato area people had been waiting for.  After I got into the Verizon Wireless Center and made my way to the front, I had a few moments to look around.  There wasn't a photo pit and the floor was all seating, which is interesting for myself.  I usually feel as though I'm in the way when people are sitting down behind me.  Hopefully, that wasn't the case.

Chris Rupp opened up the show with a short set and was a last minute addition.  As he explained, he was once in the Home Free band and went off to do his own thing.  Judging from his performance, he is doing quite well!  Even though it was a quick set, he had the crowd enjoying, singing, and laughing along.  The rest of the band members with him joined in by singing and playing various instruments.  Chris Rupp really opened up the show right and got everyone ready for the main event.

After a quick stage reconfigure, Home Free took to the stage and started out strong.  This vocal only band was something that I had not witnessed before, but I feel very happy to have seen it.  Each song they sang was more magical than the last and it was really interesting to see how they went through each song without playing any instruments!  Equaling their songs was their witty banter in between the songs.  They made jokes, got the crowd interacting, and generally just had a ton of fun up on the stage.  For example when introducing the person doing the beats, they said it's amazing what this guy can do with his mouth!  They had the people up in the front area hold up auction type signs with numbers on them that were under their seats during their cover of "Sold" and picked out two people that were the most enthusiastic for a special prize!  To say that it was a delight to see Home Free live would be an understatement.  They were fantastic!

Another great show in the books and one closer to the last one for 2016!

As always, get out and support live music and I'll see you out there!


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