Askew View Photo: Blog en-us (C) Askew View Photo (Askew View Photo) Sun, 10 Jun 2018 17:13:00 GMT Sun, 10 Jun 2018 17:13:00 GMT Askew View Photo: Blog 120 86 Blue Felix Was Red Hot at The What's Up Lounge! It's been a while since I've been out to a show.  A lot has changed since then.  I'm at a new place that requires quite a bit of work to make it our own, so it doesn't leave much time for my photography.  It's good to take a break and I couldn't pass up a Blue Felix show!

I got to The What's Up around 9 thinking they always start late.  Of course, this time they started right on time.  So, I missed all but the last two songs of Piranha's set.  Actually, make that 3 because they were rocking so loud I could hear them as I walked from the parking lot down the street!  The place was pretty packed and it was good to see Piranha again since it had been a few years.  I wish that I had been able to get there earlier to photograph more than just one song.  Piranha was definitely a good choice for opening up this show!

The set change after Piranha took quite a while as Enemy X set up their massive drum kit, but once they started playing, they kept everyone up front and rocking for their entire set.  This is the first time seeing them with the new lineup and they certainly killed it!  There wasn't much room to move on stage with all their equipment and Blue Felix's stuff on the stage, but they made the best of the little space they had and made sure the crowd was treated to a fantastic set.  The new singer seems to be fitting right in and Enemy X is now hitting the road and could be playing near you in the future.

As the stage started looking more ready, the crowd slowly started working their way up to the stage to get their spot for Blue Felix.  I went up front as well to hold the spot that I thought would yield the best photos since I didn't think I'd be able to move around much once the show started.  I was totally correct and struggled to make it to the other side of the stage between songs.  Blue Felix puts on a super high energy performance that keeps people engaged in the set not only by singing and moshing, but also by dodging sparks from the angle grinder!  To see sparks flying in a small venue like The What's Up made me a bit nervous, but it made for some cool visual effects!  Luckily, I made it up on the side stage before the circle pit started!  I got a few final close ups in and waited for a break in the action before heading to the sound booth for some wide shots.  From there, I enjoyed more of the set and watched everyone having a great time.  Blue Felix certainly puts on a show that you won't soon forget and I look forward to catching them live again!  Check them out and see if they will be playing near you!

As always, get out and support live music and I'll see you out there!

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4 on the Floor Show Packs The What's Up Lounge I made a last minute decision to head to The What's Up Lounge again on Friday, April 20th to check out a band that has been showing up on my social media quite a bit as of late.  4 on the Floor was the band and judging from the large crowd, I wasn't the only one that wanted to see them.  I got to The What's Up around 9:20 pm and the first band was already playing, but it didn't seem like I missed much.  I weaved my way up to the stage and got to taking photos.

Phantom Feedback was mesmerizing the crowd with smooth and melodic songs.  This five piece included a keyboardist front and center with three guitarists filling out the front of the stage.  From the discussion between songs, it seems this band had not performed in over 3 years.  The keyboardist and the stage left guitarist did most of the singing, either together or on their own.  Their set was very fun both to watch and to listen to.  I saw their last song was going to be a cover, but they decided not to play it at the last moment, which was a smart choice.  I can easily see Phantom Feedback becoming a frequent performer at The What's Up and it will be interesting to see how they progress in the future.

Next up was The Tony Flynn Project.  Again, I didn't know what to expect since they were a band that was new to me like all of them at this show.  Right from the first song, I could tell these guys could rock.  Each song they played, whether it was a cover or an original song, was done perfectly.  The band member on stage left would switch between the flute and the sax which provided an extra bit of interest to each song.  The singer performed each song with a powerful voice that owned each of the songs in the set.  The plastic sign hung from the mic stand and the singer's socks were a nice addition for the holiday celebration!  The end of the set brought in the singer's brother to do some rapping parts.  All in all, The Tony Flynn Project is certainly a band you should check out next time they play in the Mankato area!

After a bit of technical issues, 4 on the Floor started out their set.  This was no ordinary rock band.  They commanded the stage as soon as they started with fast, heavy, and fun songs that everyone started grooving along with right away.  The singer looked like he was having a great time goofing off a little as he went through the songs.  When I was looking into the bands at this show, a lot of what I read and heard about 4 on the Floor emphasized they play shows for the crowd and themselves to a good time.  This was certainly accomplished at this show!  Even though the main idea was everyone in the band playing a bass drum, I don't think there was room to do so on the tiny stage at The What's Up since they only had the one drum set for this one.  They were all lined up at the front of the stage rather than having the drummer at the back, so they did the best they could with the smaller stage.  Maybe they brought the other drums out later in the show after I left, but either way, 4 on the Floor put on a show that I will be sure to check out again.  I hope to have the opportunity to photograph them and see them again!

As always, get out there and support live shows and I'll see you out there!

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Blazing Into Spring Tour Stops at The What's Up Lounge After waiting for what seemed like forever, Another Lost Year finally made it to Mankato, MN and I didn't have to travel for hours to see them!  Another Lost Year is one of the bands that is on my first three photographed and I try to make it to see them whenever they are close.  Joining them on this tour stop was No Resolve and Locust Grove.  This being a Thursday show and three out of town bands, I wasn't expecting a huge crowd since it seems Mankato doesn't like to check out new music.  So, it was the normal small show, but hopefully word will spread and the next one will be better!

Locust Grove started out the show.  I remember them being super crazy the last time they were here and it was about the same this time.  The lead singer started out the set from the crowd and there was many times the band left the stage to mingle while playing.  The last song included two of them walking to the back of The What's Up.  High energy and a lot of head-banging, hair-flipping action is what you can expect from these guys.  Locust Grove puts on a fun show and it was impressive to see that even with the smaller crowd.

Next up was new to me band, No Resolve.  Their set was a little shorter, but they started out fast and kept the pace going the entire time.  The crowd came back up to check them out shortly after they started playing and even though they weren't singing along, everyone looked to be having a great time.  With the number of people being lower, the band was able to cut loose and mess around on stage a bit.  I will be curious to see what is in store in the future for No Resolve.  They were a nice addition to this show!

Another Lost Year closed out the show after a quick stage change.  With all the new material that they have released since the last time I'd seen them, it was nice to see a lot of it played live.  With quite a number of songs to choose from, their set included some of the older songs that got me hooked on them in the first place.  Clinton joked around a lot between songs and I could tell the entire band was having a fun time.  There would be a funny story and somehow it would get tied into the next song they played.  Maybe 420 eve might have had something to do with it.  Even when the drummer's snare broke, they handled it by playing acoustic for a song while the issue was fixed.  They promptly started rocking again though and finished out the set strong and even had the singer from Locust Grove join them for the last song!  If Another Lost Year decides to stop in Mankato again, make a point to head out and see a show that you will be sure to love!

As always, get out and support live shows and I'll see you out there! 

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Bobaflex Returns to Mankato, MN  

It's been a bit since I took show photos!  I think the last one was Judas Priest at The Armory earlier this month.  So, with a couple of local shows in Mankato, I thought I would head to see Bobaflex and their return to Mankato at Red Rocks.  I wasn't totally sure what to expect, since the event only had Bobaflex and Strange Daze on the bill.  When I got to the venue and started talking with people, I found out there was actually 4 bands that would be there.  It would have been cool to know which bands were there in advance, but I guess that wasn't updated in time on the Facebook event.

Strange Daze went on first and delivered the performance that I have been used to seeing.  I've caught them multiple times and they are fun to watch.  The song lineup was a bit different this time, which was nice to see.  The big change was a new drummer, who seems to have slid in and gotten comfortable with all the songs as he played them flawlessly!  It was nice to catch another live show from Strange Daze!

Surprise band number 1 went on next.  Trip 6 is a 5 piece that had pretty good energy on one side of the stage.  Not sure if there just wasn't enough room to move much or if the band members stage right were just to focused on the technical aspect of their playing, but they didn't move much.  All that aside, Trip 6 was fun to watch and the crowd seemed to get into it.  The drummer told jokes between songs and got everyone laughing.  A powerful performance from Trip 6.  I would certainly check them out again.

The second surprise band, Andrew W. Boss, went up next.  They certainly kicked up the energy level during their performance.  They were running around on stage and off and would frequently head out into the crowd while playing.  In fact, I saw the bassist head outside to greet the smokers!  The craziness continued throughout their fast-paced set and it made me want to hear more.  They had a shorter set because the lead singer was fighting a cold, but I would love to see them in the future so I hope they return to Mankato.  Andrew W. Boss and his fun selection of shirts was a great addition to this show!

Bobaflex took the stage close to 10.  I was smart and had earplugs this time since they are known to put on a loud show!  This energy was much different from the last time they were in town.  Things seemed much more upbeat and positive.  They burned through the first few songs and were met with the crowd singing along and having a great time.  The lighting was much improved as well for this one.  I was actually pretty happy with the photos I got this time around.  Bobaflex is a favorite in the Mankato area and even though it was a Wednesday, the place was pretty full with people rocking out to every song.  I'm sure it will be the same when Bobaflex returns.

As always, get out and support live music and I'll see you out there!

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Minneapolis Show at The Cabooze Prove Minnesota's Local Music Scene is Alive and Well There are a number of times when local bands get together to play a show.  I try to make it to as many as I can since I know the night will be full of music that I love.  Saturday, March 3rd at The Cabooze was one of these shows.  Throw The Fight, 3 Pill Morning, Common Choir, and Smiling Politely were the bands on the line up this night.  When I arrived at the venue, the crowd was a little smaller than I had expected.  However, by the time the show started, there was a good amount of people that had showed up and the number was still climbing.

Smiling Politely started out the night.  These guys were new to me and I always like checking out a new band!  They weren't quite as heavy as the other bands at this show, but they certainly got the crowd started and ready for the rest of the night.  I was extra impressed when the singer announced that he was still battling a cold because it certainly wasn't apparent before he said anything.  They had a bit of a quick set since there was a curfew for the show, but Smiling Politely was a nice addition to the show and the crowd certainly enjoyed their set.

Next up was Common Choir.  I was first introduced to these guys a few months back at The What's Up Lounge in Mankato and enjoyed their set then.  This night's show was no different.  They started out fast and strong and didn't let up throughout the entire set.  About halfway in to their set, the singer from the band Ugly came out and did a song with the band.  We were then told that he was slated to take over singing as the lead singer of Common Choir was recently advised by doctors not to sing.  I'm not sure what the entire issue was, but the singer handled the entire set nicely and I didn't notice any difference.  Common Choir finished out their set and left the crowd in amazement!

Now, 3 Pill Morning's lineup seems to change each time I see them.  They have had a different drummer for previous shows and this time was the same.  However, each time there is always a local musician willing to pick up the spots that are needed.  The support between Minneapolis bands is something that always makes me smile.  Regardless of the lineup, the guys went up there and killed it.  My only complaint was the lack of lights coming from the front of the stage, but the performance more than made up for it!  I do like to see 3 Pill Morning whenever I can and judging from the crowd's reaction, I wasn't the only one.  The band had the crowd participating during the entire set, whether it was asking them to start a pit, clapping along, or simply putting their hands in the air.  3 Pill Morning put on the performance that I've come to expect and it was great to see them live again.

Finally, Throw The Fight took to the stage.  I've been catching these guys whenever I can since I first started concert photography, and each time the show gets better.  They kicked up the energy level in The Cabooze and had the crowd jumping and singing along throughout the entire set.  For some reason, the crowd seemed to thin out be the stage about midway through, but I noticed more people listening from the merch booths while they were getting shirts and other stuff.  The lights were also very dim coming from the front for these guys and I couldn't help but wonder what effect that has on the people watching the show when I would imagine they wouldn't be able to see the band that well.  It must not be that noticeable to those not taking photos though.  Throw The Fight kept it heavy throughout most of the show with songs like "His Blood My Hands" and "Drown With Me", but they did slow it down for "Passing Ships".  Of course, they had to play their cover of Cutting Crew's "Died In Your Arms".  Throw The Fight was a great way to end this night of great Minneapolis bands and the crowd didn't want to leave even when the venue staff was yelling that they were closing!

As always, get out and support live music and I'll see you out there!

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A Cold Kingdom, Signals that are Sleepy, and a Last Show It was a bittersweet show at The What's Up Lounge on Thursday, March 1st.  Don't get me wrong, the lineup was amazing.  Three heavy hitting rock bands were on the bill and I knew the show would be packed when I saw the bands that were booked.  Sure enough, the place was pretty full shortly after the doors opened and it just kept filling up.  I made my way around to say hi to everyone and it seemed like many of the people I've met at shows were at this one!

The final show.  I remember when Diskord first jumped back on the scene.  I rushed back from an early show in the Twin Cities to catch them and made it just in time.  From then until now, I made sure to catch as many shows as I could with Diskord on the list.  I saw their popularity rise throughout 2017, so it was a bit of a surprise for me to hear they were calling it quits.  No matter what, I am happy to have been part of something pretty cool.  Diskord went on stage around 8:45 pm and The What's Up was packed.  It was hard to make my way up to the front, but there was a little room up by the stage that allowed me to get in and take my photos.  They made sure everyone was involved with this last performance.  People were yelling random things between the songs and everyone was laughing and having a great time.  Their shows always have a ton of energy, but there was that little bit more put into this last show.  At the end of it all, Zimmy thanked everyone for coming out to Diskord's last show.  I look forward to seeing what is next for all the members in the band!

Next up on the Tour-rito Supreme stop was Sleep Signals.  These guys have always put on quite a powerful show, but the lineup had changed again from the last time they were in Mankato, or at least it seemed like it to me.  Either way, they had the lights and stage presence that had the crowd coming up close to the stage to see more, which was good since the set change had thinned out the crowd a bit.  People were back upstairs pretty quickly though once Sleep Signals started playing.  Halfway through the set, the venue had gotten pretty full of the smoke from the machines pumping them out of the stands on stage.  As I attempted to get full band photo from the behind the crowd, I noticed that I could no longer see the drummer!  Even with the over-abundance of smoke, Sleep Signals still delivered a fast and hard hitting set that I've come to expect from them.

After the doors were opened and the big fan that blows air outside was turned on, the smoke cleared and Cold Kingdom took to the stage.  They are known for starting out at full speed and tonight was no different.  This being the first show without Zac, I was curious to catch up with the band.  There was a subtle difference in how they sounded, but it was still complete awesomeness!!  I'm amazed at how energetic and engaging Cold Kingdom's sets are.  They certainly go all out and after seeing them live again, I realized it had been too long and I should really head to their shows more often!  It's no surprise that their popularity has been rising quickly in the last year.  Cold Kingdom keeps it going strong and played all the crowd favorites like "M", "Surrender", and "Crash Poet" and ended with their newer single, "The Break".  The "Tour-rito Supreme Tour" has scheduled stops all over in the next month, so head over to to their website or Facebook page to see if they are stopping in your area!  You won't be disappointed with a Cold Kingdom show!

As always, get out and support live music and I'll see you out there!

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Get To The What's Up for an Epic Night of Music on 3-1  

Now that the last weekend of February is over, you really need to start planning for an epic show at The What's Up Lounge on March 1st.  For starters, it will be the last time you will see Diskord live as they have announced this will be their last show.  That in itself is reason enough to pack The What's Up.  However, let's up that by 2.  Cold Kingdom and Sleep Signals will be returning to Mankato and is kicking off a new tour together and this will be the first show on that tour!  With such a packed line up, you better ask off for Friday now to recover!  Let's sell this one out people!  You aren't going to want to miss this one.

Doors at 7:30 pm | Music at 8:30 pm

21+ Event

Tickets are $12 day of show or advanced tickets for $8 HERE

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Fixated, March In Arms, and Time Keeper Play The What's Up Lounge It's been a slow year so far for shows, so I decided to head out to The What's Up Lounge to check out some new music along with one band that I knew.  Fixated, March In Arms, and Time Keeper were on the lineup for the night and I was excited to check out the first two bands on the list.  I arrived around 9:30, which is usually good as the show start is usually pushed back.  It was, but Time Keeper was already done playing.  The bar staff informed me that it was a pretty short set though.  I'll have to make plans to check Time Keeper out in the future.

The crowd was standard for shows lately at The What's Up.  Even though there are a few with good attendance, this one was more like a practice run for the bands playing.  It's too bad too, because $5.00 would have provided a night of really good music.  After a pretty lengthy sound check, March In Arms took the opportunity to cut loose for their set and they certainly still had fun up on stage.  Heavy hitting songs were on the list for them and they kicked it up with 3 of them playing guitar.  I'd really recommend checking these guys out if they return to Mankato.  After talking to the lead singer, they said they would certainly be back.  Look up March In Arms on Facebook and give them a like and a listen!

Fixated closed it out and sound checked on the fly since they didn't get started until around 11.  They delivered the set that I remembered from the last time they were at The What's Up.  They started out strong and didn't let up until a few songs in to talk with the dwindling crowd.  A powerful performance indeed, Fixated would be fun to see playing with a full house.  They have chances for the crowd to really get involved with the performance and I'd like to see what would happen in that situation!  Keep an eye out for Fixated in your area and also check out their Facebook page to give their page a like a listen!

As always, get out there and support live music and I'll see you out there!

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Avenged Sevenfold Shows Sioux Falls How to Rock Avenged Sevenfold has been touring heavily and have been filling up venues on their current headlining tour "The Stage World Tour".  Saturday, January 27th was Sioux Falls, SD's time to rock and Breaking Benjamin and Bullet For My Valentine would be joining them on this stop.  It was a nice drive out with warmer than average temps during the day.  It was an early show and I got Denny Sanford PREMIERE Center a little before 6:00pm  Even then, there was a steady stream of people going in.  They would stop at the merch area just inside the main gates and then head in to find their spots.

Bullet For My Valentine went on first and delivered the quality show that I have come to expect from them.  I think this was my third time shooting them and the stage was really well lit this time around.  They got the crowd going with all the favorites and had everyone singing along throughout the entire set.  Bullet For My Valentine was a great choice to start out a night of hard-hitting rock.

Next up was Breaking Benjamin.  I was really looking forward to seeing them live since they recently released a few new songs in anticipation for their upcoming album.  However, it seemed that there might have been some technical issues early on in the set and I heard people scrambling backstage after our three songs.  Heading out into the venue after shooting them, it seemed one of the guitars was having issues intermittently.  Ben Burnley was having the crowd sing quite a bit more and seemed to be having issues during the set as well.  Perhaps he came down with the crud that has been going around and that might have been the issue, but the set seemed a bit off this night.  Regardless, the new songs were nice to hear and they still did the cool Star Wars instrumental and short covers of Tool, Nirvana, and Pantera.  All in all, I certainly am looking forward to seeing Breaking Benjamin again at Northern Invasion.

After another quick set change, it was Avenged Sevenfold's turn to hit the stage.  I hadn't seen them before and was thinking there would be some pyro with the show, but that wasn't the case this time around.  The certainly didn't need it though as they came out fast and heavy and didn't slow down at all.  I was able to forget that the snow was now coming down pretty good outside and that I would have to drive 3 hours in it the instant the music started.  With "Hail to the King", (one of my favorites from them), being among the first three songs it was safe to say that I certainly enjoyed their set!  The halls outside the main room that were full of people were now empty as everyone was inside watching.  I wish I would have been able to stay for longer, but the weather forced me to have to leave after about the 7th song.  Avenged Sevenfold will also be at Northern Invasion, so I look forward to a full set then when the weather, hopefully, isn't as bad.

For those wondering, yes the snow was pretty bad.  There was about 3 inches on the ground and is was still coming down heavy for most of my drive.  It was light and blew around a lot as well, so there were plenty of drifts and cars in the ditch.  It was a long drive, but well worth it for this show!

As always, get out and support live music and I'll see you out there!

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2017 Recap and Looking Forward to 2018

As I look back on the past year, I realize that I was busier than I thought I was!  Thanks to the Verizon Center in Mankato, MN and Alpha Media Radio in North Mankato, MN, I photographed a pretty good number of shows!  I also covered a few of them for Twin Cities Media.  All of those shows plus the ones I did randomly at The What's Up Lounge gave me these totals for 2017:

I photographed a total of 83 shows.

5 festivals had coverage from Askew View, and one, (Ribfest), I had to get help from 38th Street Photography to cover!

In total, 231 bands were photographed by me in 2017.  That's a pretty impressive number in my opinion!

Copyright Askew View Photo

Looking toward 2018, I am hopeful that these numbers will remain the same or be even higher.  If you or someone you know is in need of photos of a live performance or needs updated band photos, please contact me or pass along my information!  I'd love to work with as many bands as possible this year!  If you can't quite swing the fee to have me photograph your show, but would still like me to do so, CONTACT ME anyway and we can work something out!  I'm always looking for shots to improve my portfolio and your show might just provide me with that opportunity!

Here's to a great 2018!

As always, get out and support live music and I'll see you out there!

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Crazy Town Braves the Cold to Play at The What's Up Lounge! If you had told the lat 1990's me that I would be photographing and talking to some of the bands that I was listening to back then, I probably wouldn't have believed you!  However, that has been the case throughout 2017.  I had another cool opportunity when Crazy Town made a stop at The What's Up Lounge on December 30th.  When the show was announced, I started listening to "The Gift of Game" album on YouTube and found there was a lot of new songs that I didn't realize came out.  After listening to a few of them, I was curious to see them performed live!

I got to the venue right at 9 and the show started shortly after.  I think the cold weather might have kept people from heading out for this one or maybe they were saving their energy for New Year's Eve.  Either way, they missed a pretty fun show!

Open Minded started out the night.  The Minnesota based band was sporting a new full band line-up and it was pretty awesome!  They had a great flow to their set and they attempted to get the few people there engaged.  The small stage seemed to hinder their energy, but I can see this being a great live show with a good sized stage and a nice crowd!  I would certainly recommend checking out Open Minded if you see them on the band list at a show near you!

Next up was Professor Fresh.  I don't even really know what else to say about him, as I've seen and reviewed his live performance so many times!  He put on the show that Mankato was used to seeing with his crazy lyrics and fun live set.

Crazy Town was a little late to the venue due to the roads not being very good, so they took a little longer to set up.  A little after 11:30 pm they started out rocking The What's Up!  The people that were there gathered up at the stage now to see the show.  I have to say that Crazy Town puts on a quite the fun show!  The set started fast and heavy with their newer material before going into a couple of old favorites like "Toxic".  Their newer songs like "Backback" definitely had a different sound to them, but I enjoyed the refined sound.  They have one more show before heading overseas at Des Moines Social Club.  If you are in the area, I would recommend ringing in the new year with Crazy Town!

I have to say, this was a cool show to end 2017.  Stay tuned for a recap post of the past year and what to look forward to in 2018!

As always, get out and support live music and I'll see you out there!

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Dustin Lynch's 'Ride Or Die' Tour Delights a SOLD OUT Verizon Center Grand Hall in Mankato You read that title correctly!  Dustin Lynch and 'The Ride Or Die' tour came to Mankato and played to a SOLD OUT crowd at the Verizon Center Grand Hall in Mankato, MN on Saturday, November 18th, 2017.  I knew downtown was going to be crazy with a MSU hockey game going on at the same time, so I arrived at around 6:00 pm.  Even then, I ended up on the top level of the parking ramp and there was still an hour to go before showtime!  I half expected most of the people to head to the arena, but many of them were going toward the Grand Hall for the show.  The lobby was packed with people already and the main floor filled up very quickly.  This was a standing only floor show, but by the time the first act went on, the place was already full out to the sound booth.

Mitchell Tenpenny went on a few minutes early and even though I only saw the first three songs, I could tell the crowd was glad to see him on this tour stop.  They would sing along and cheer for every song and even after I had left the main floor, I could hear the crowd having a great time during his set.  Since I'm not much of a country person, I didn't know much about the artist, but the crowd certainly knew Mitchell Tenpenny and it was evident they loved his live set.

Next up was Lanco.  They got even bigger cheers from the crowd when they took the stage.  Again, I didn't know much about the artist, but the crowd certainly did.  They were having fun singing along and each song was meet with screams as the band started playing.  Between the drummer standing up while playing and engaging the crowd, the piano player that did anything other than standing by the piano, and the singer heading out on occasion to reach out to the crowd, Lanco put on a live show that made it easy to understand why everyone was so excited to see them.

By the time I went back into the main floor, the stage had transformed for Dustin Lynch's set.  There was now a multi-tiered platform with stairs going up on each side.  The drummer was also set in the middle of the structure so he was elevated above the rest of the band and above that was a platform that two of the guitarist climbed up to within the first three songs.  Mixed in with this structure was a ton of light and even more were hanging all over above the stage.  The lights went down and Beastie Boys "Fight For Your Right" came on as the stage lights at the back lit up the crowd singing along.  Once they saw Dustin come out the place exploded into screams of excitement.  From the start of the show to the end of my three songs, it was a fast paced and energetic show and I can't imagine he stopped that during his set.  Even from the small time I was able to watch, it became quickly clear why Dustin Lynch was a sold out show.

As always, get out and support live music and I'll see you out there!

(Askew View Photo) #askewviewphoto askew view photo concert concerts country country concert country show dustin lynch lanco live live performance mankato minnesota mitchell tenpenny mn performance verizon center grand hall Sun, 19 Nov 2017 15:18:11 GMT
Windborne's 'The Music of Queen' Plus the Mankato Symphony Orchestra Equals a Fantastic Show! Last year around this time, I was amazed by a performance that included the Mankato Symphony Orchestra and the music of Led Zeppelin.  This year, I was equally as pleased as Windborne's 'The Music of Queen' played at Verizon Center's Grand Hall again with The Mankato Orchestra.  I knew a little more what to expect and was looking forward to hearing my favorite Queen hits!  The crowd was just getting settled in when the show began.

Right from the first song, I loved the singer and all the other members of the main band.  It sounded really close to the real thing!  The singer was fun and engaged the crowd on many occasions.  He made sure to mock them when they didn't respond to his liking!  The singer even got down into the crowd to sing during one song.  The Mankato Symphony Orchestra added a dynamic to the show that pushed it into fantastic territory!  I could tell the entire band and orchestra were having a great time.  The songs that were played ranged all through Queen's history.  There was really no choice but to sing along with each song.  Windborne's 'The Music of Queen' with the Mankato Symphony Orchestra was a wonderful show!

As always, get out there and support live music and I'll see you out there!

(Askew View Photo) #askewviewphoto askew view photo concert concerts grand' hall live live performance mankato mankato symphony orchestra minnesota mn performance rock rock concert rock show verizon center windborne's the music of queen Sat, 18 Nov 2017 04:33:33 GMT
Hed PE Gets Wild at The What's Up Lounge Hed PE returned to The What's Up Lounge on Tuesday, November 14th, 2017 and it was quickly apparent that everyone had been waiting for the show.  I got to the venue a little after 7:00 pm and the show started shortly after that.  The venue was already packed and more people poured in throughout the night.

Lost Dog started out the show with a quick set.  Professor Fresh and BKnown have joined forces to create this new group and their sound is different from what they were doing individually.  Fresh still has crazy antics on stage though, and BKnown seemed to feed off of that to take it a step farther.  Lost Dog was a great choice for a local opener on this show.

Next up was Strange Forest.  It was a shift in the type of music as they were more of a metal band, but the crowd didn't seem to mind.  The four piece didn't have a lot of room to move around, so the movement on the stage was minimal, but they still managed to keep the crowd entertained.  The lead singer actually got down in the crowd to sing a few times.  Strange Forest kicked it up a notch, which was perfect to get everyone ready for the next band.

Sin7 took the tiny stage and the first song included a couple of ladies that joined them up there.  One was dressed in dom attire and was leading the other around with a chain and collar.  To be honest, it was hard to pay attention to everything going on up on the stage, taking photos, and watching out for the moshing crowd.  The fans certainly took advantage of the heavier pace and the mosh pit started to get larger as the show went on.  I retreated to the sound booth to finish off my photos as I didn't really want any part of that while wearing my camera gear!  Sin7 certainly set the stage for Hed PE.

Finally, Hed PE took to the stage.  The place was now packed with people ready for a wild show.  To my surprise, they started out a little slower with a Reggae beat for their first song.  I ventured out toward center stage quickly to get some up close photos, but it was difficult to do with everyone packed in at that area.  I quickly jumped back though when the beat got heavier as the entire floor seemed to start moshing.  It had been a while since I saw The What's Up physically moving because of the sheer numbers of people moshing.  Even though I was pushed back to the side wall, I could feel the floor bowing as they jumped around.  I took advantage of a break in the action to retreat to the sound booth to take a few more photos and watch the show.  Even the sound booth was moving as the mosh pit got going again.  Hed PE certainly knows how to put on a powerful show and the crowd's reaction was proof of that.

As always, get out there and support live music and I'll see you out there!

(Askew View Photo) #askewviewphoto askew view photo concert concerts hed pe hiphop live live performance lost dog mankato minnesota mn performance reggae rock rock concert rock show sin7 strange forest the what's up lounge Fri, 17 Nov 2017 01:14:21 GMT
October Rage Kicks Up the Fun for Sunday Funday Sunday was treated like a weekend on November 12th at The What's Up Lounge as October Rage returned to Mankato, MN along with Filthy Sweet!  This Sunday Funday was one to remember even though only two bands were playing at this show.  I got to the venue at about 7:45 pm and was happy to see there was a good amount of people gathered even though it was a Sunday.

Filthy Sweet started out the show shortly after I arrived and everyone met up at the stage for an excellent performance!  I hadn't heard of Filthy Sweet before, but they are certainly a band that needs to get noticed!  Along with their original songs, they covered bands like Highly Suspect and Nirvana with perfection!  The only issue was a connection issue with the guitar, but the guys from October Rage helped them out and let Filthy Sweet use one of their guitars and cord!  It was nice to see the bands helping each other out!  I was very pleased with the bands set and was impressed by the energy they had as well!  Certainly a band to keep on my radar, Filthy Sweet opened up the show right and got everyone started having a great time!

October Rage has not been in front of my lens since 2014 when they played at Buster's.  I missed their last show at The What's Up Lounge, so I was really happy they added this one.  They were every bit as amazing as I had remembered!  All four of the band members are nice as ever and were happy to talk with the crowd before, during, and after the show!  Their performance is surely one full of energy and crowd participation with plenty of hair-flying headbanging mixed in.  I enjoyed hearing the songs I knew played live again as well as the new material like "Giants".  They even made time for covers of Prince's "Purple Rain" and Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight".  Not to leave any genre out, they even did a cover of Florida Georgia Line's "Cruise" after a story about traveling through areas with no radio stations except the country stations!  Between their stories, songs, and overall kindness, October Rage is a definite must see band.  I, for one, can not wait until they return to the area to see them again!

Also, you can now get your 2018 What Was Up at The What's Up in 2017 calendar right at the venue!  Just ask for one at the bar and get yours for only $25.00!

As always, get out and support live music and I'll see you out there! 

(Askew View Photo) #askewviewphoto askew view photo concert concerts filthy sweet live live performance mankato minnesota mn october rage performance rock rock concert rock show the what's up lounge Tue, 14 Nov 2017 02:13:13 GMT
Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox Took Mankato's Favorite Songs Back In Time If you hadn't heard of Postmodern Jukebox before, you might just be living under a rock.  They made a stop on their current tour in Mankato, MN at the Verizon Center Grand Hall on Saturday, November 4th, 2017.  This talented group takes your favorite hits over the years, including current hits, and puts their own spin on each one.  Songs like Bruno Mars' "That's What I Like", Radiohead's "Creep", and Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" get a jazz, ragtime, or swing feel to them and each song amazes when they start singing.  It is quite fantastic to hear each song they play in such a different way.

The songs themselves may be different, but the singers take it up a notch since each of them had such a wide vocal range and all of them sounded spot on.  The stage was full of musicians during the entire show including a sax, trombone, piano, bass, and drums player.  There was even a guy that came out to tap dance occasionally!  It was a night of very enjoyable performances by the group and all 5 of the singers.  Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox was fun to watch live and it was nice to see them perform after watching so many of their YouTube videos!


Call Me Maybe  (Carly Rae Jepsen cover)

Say It Ain't So  (Weezer cover)

All Star  (Smash Mouth cover)

Straight Up  (Paula Abdul cover)

Sweet Child O' Mine  (Guns N’ Roses cover)

That's What I Like  (Bruno Mars cover)

Every Breath You Take  (The Police cover)

Cry Me a River  (Justin Timberlake cover)

Thrift Shop  (Macklemore cover)

Halo  (Beyoncé cover)

Ain't No Rest For The Wicked  (Cage the Elephant cover)

I Kissed a Girl  (Katy Perry cover)

Style  (Taylor Swift cover)

Creep  (Radiohead cover)

Shake It Off  (Taylor Swift cover)


Chandelier  (Sia cover)

All About That Bass  (Meghan Trainor cover)

What Is Love  (Haddaway cover)


As always, get out and support live music and I'll see you out there!

(Askew View Photo) #askewviewphoto #pmjtour askew view photo concert concerts jazz live live performance mankato minnesota mn performance ragtime rock scott bradlee's postmodern jukebox swing verizon center verizon center grand hall Sun, 05 Nov 2017 14:32:48 GMT
A Night of Two Piece Bands with KrashKarma at The What's Up Lounge KrashKarma made a stop at The What's Up Lounge on Thursday, November 2nd, 2017.  I'd been waiting to catch them since the basement venue, (The Afterlife Lounge), was around and they played there.  I finally got my chance and, even though it was a weekday, I had to go check this band out.  The show was scheduled to start at 8, but the music didn't start going until closer to 9.  Maybe the venue was waiting for more people to show up as the turnout wasn't as good at this one.

Beulah Rue started out the show with their musical numbers.  There was no singing from these two guys and they played melodic tunes for the crowd that seemed to have been there just to watch them.  With a drum set and one guitar, they sounded like a full band up on the stage!  There was a little technical difficulties with a cord, but the guy from KrashKarma quickly jumped in with a spare cord so the band could keep playing.  Beulah Rue was quite entertaining to listen to!

Next up was KrashKarma.  Even though the venue was pretty barren, the two put on a show worthy to be viewed by thousands!  Nicole's drum set was designed for each part of the set.  Ralf and her could stand on it since there was a platform type structure on top of the bass drum.  They had their own lights that went on during specific parts during their set.  Even the crowd interaction pulled in the few people that were watching.  I can imagine the effect would be much greater with a big crowd!  Ralf jumped all about the stage while playing his guitar, which was made to produce sounds from a bass guitar and a regular guitar at the same time like Beulah Rue did.  Nicole got a bat out for one song and banged on a broken cymbal on the ground during the chorus.  It was certainly an awesome show.  I know that KrashKarma wanted to return to The What's Up, so keep your eyes open for when they do!

Finally, KALI with ywywwm started setting up.  I wasn't able to watch their performance, as the late start pushed everything back too far and I had an early morning.  I'll have to catch them in the future as I heard they had played at The What's Up before.

As always, get out and support live music and I'll see you out there!

(Askew View Photo) #askewviewphoto askew view photo beulah rue concert concerts kali with ywywwm krashkarma live live performance mankato minnesota mn performance rock rock concert rock show the what's up lounge Sat, 04 Nov 2017 00:56:13 GMT
Vajra Mesmerizes The What's Up Lounge If you were looking for a show on Friday, October 27th in Mankato, you didn't have to look far.  There was a lot going on and one show that I didn't want to miss was Vajra at The What's Up Lounge.  I missed them the last time around and made sure that didn't happen again this time.  Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot of people that showed up this time.  Maybe the weather kept them away or there was just too much going on everywhere, but if you didn't go you missed a fantastic mystical adventure!

Since I had a full night of photos, I arrived at The What's Up just in time to hear Diskord's last song.  I didn't have time to get any photos of them this time around, but they already have a plethora of photos from me already!  This was the first show that I've seen from them that didn't occur to a packed venue.  Diskord is slowly making their way to other venues, so if you see that they are playing in your area, head out to see a quality, hard-hitting rock band!

I'm not sure what else I can say about The Mayberry Riot.  I've reviewed their set so many times now!  Just get to one of their shows and see what all the buzz is about!  I took my time and was more selective with my photos during The Mayberry Riot's set.

Even with the sparsely occupied venue, Vajra went about setting up for their set just like any other show.  They placed LED candles on the lip at the end of the stage along with a jar of incense burning.  There were more candles on each side of the stage with more large bundles of stick incense on each of them.  The What's Up Lounge actually smelled pretty good for a change!  The whole time this was going on, enchanting music was either being played through a recording or the guitar player was playing it, I wasn't sure.  Then, there was an alter type platform with all sorts of musically related gadgets in it that was placed by the singer.  I knew this was going to be quite the show!  Once they started playing, their captivating music drew the few people up by the stage and even one guy that was sporadically dancing for each song.  Vajra amazed me with every song.  The singer played the flute, cymbals, some kind of bell thing, and many other instruments during their set.  The entire show was an experience and not simply listening to a band play.  That is what I liked best about them.  I will be making a point to see Vajra if they play near me soon and you should too!

As always, get out and support live music and I'll see you out there!

(Askew View Photo) #askewviewphoto askew view photo concert concerts diskord live live performance mankato minnesota mn performance rock rock concert rock show the mayberry riot the what's up lounge vajra Sun, 29 Oct 2017 17:39:50 GMT
Hairball...Who Knew! Hairball is a band that I've heard of, but never was able to see their show until they came to Verizon Grand Hall on Friday, October 27th, 2017.  Judging by the amount of people that were entering the venue, this was a show that was going to be pretty good!  The main floor was full of eager fans, some were dressed up in their 80's wear.  I had no idea what I was in for, but I fed off the excitement of the fans and got ready for the show.

The 9th Planet Out started out the show.  They played a mix of original music and covers from bands like Alice In Chains and Metallica.  Their set was around an hour long and they entertained the crowd quite well during that time.  They used some CO cannons during their performance for some added visuals, but their hair flipping, headbanging, and energetic show carried them through most of it.  These guys were moving all about the stage and I rather enjoyed the performance overall.  The 9th Planet Out was a nice choice to open the show.

Hairball took the stage much to the enjoyment of the cheering crowd.  The band focuses on 80's era music like Guns N Roses, KISS, Van Halen, and many others.  Each band had a section of the show as they went though them.  The KISS songs were up first and the lead singer even had the face paint and breathed fire using a flaming sword.  I'll be honest, I hadn't expected the amount of pyro, fireworks, and other effects and had to scramble to get my camera setting changed once I saw the type of show I was in for.  Hairball moved quickly from one band to the other and each song was met with singing from the fans, since everyone pretty much knows the songs from that time period.  All in all, Hairball was a surprisingly good show.  I can certainly see why they draw in a huge crowd for their shows!

As always, get out and support live music and I'll see you out there!

(Askew View Photo) #askewviewphoto askew view photo concert hairball live concerts mankato minnesota mn performance performance" rock rock concert rock show the 9th planet out verizon center verizon grand hall Sun, 29 Oct 2017 01:29:04 GMT
Fall Out Boy Fires It Up at Xcel Energy Center

It was quite the wild Sunday night for fans that made it to see Fall Out Boy at Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, MN on October 22nd.  I was covering the show for Z99, (KEEZ 99.1).  Even though the doors opened a little later than expected, Xcel did a great job getting everyone in the doors quickly.  I saw a good amount of parents dropping off their kids and heading to the upstairs waiting area as well as a wide range of age groups heading into the venue.  The action was supposed to start later that scheduled, but still went on a little earlier than expected.

Jaden Smith went on about 10-15 minutes after scheduled and the other photographers and myself scrambled to get into the venue and managed to get photos for the last of the three songs.  I didn't get to see a lot of the show, but the crowd seemed to enjoy the music and Jaden got the crowd worked up between his songs.  I could hear the show going on from outside the gates and was wondering what he rapped about, but couldn't make out the words from where I was.  Jaden Smith still got the crowd ready for the rest of the show.

We headed back down into the pit area and had a little more time before blackbear took the stage.  Looking around the venue a little more, I could see that the runway off the stage went all the way to the back of the floor area to another smaller stage.  Above that was some monitors and what looked like another stage, though I didn't see what it was used for while I was on the main floor.  There was a platform in the middle of the main stage now and a mic stand up there, so I was hopeful that blackbear would pop out of the floor.  However, he came out from the back of the stage and walked up to it instead.  The excitement level from the crowd jumped up when they saw him take the stage and I could hear people singing along during the three songs I was able to see.  He used a little bit of the runway, but mainly stayed up on the main stage and never really stayed in one spot too long.  blackbear was another nice performer to open up the show.

Fall Out Boy closed the late gap and started pretty much on time.  Once the lights went down, the entire place erupted in screams from the fans, which were mainly younger women.  The fans on the main floor quickly got out of their seats and moved up to the barricade area around the stage.  The band members rose up out of the stage and started out with a fast pace that I hope continued throughout the entire set.  The first song, "The Phoenix",  included fire behind them and the huge screen behind them enhanced the experience with photos and videos.  "Irresistible" added fountain fireworks as well as streamers that dropped down from the ceiling.  It was clear that Fall Out Boy was there to put on a show that the crowd wouldn't soon forget!  During the third song, "Hum Hallelujah", the band members ventured out onto the runway stage to get close to the fans in that area.  As I walked up and out of the main floor, there was more fireworks as they started into "Sugar, We're Going Down".  This was one of those shows that I regretted not getting a ticket for, since the first three songs were so much fun I could imagine the rest was just as exciting!  Fall Out Boy certainly puts on a show that their fans obviously loved!


A Stage

The Phoenix


Hum Hallelujah

Sugar, We're Goin Down

Alone Together


American Beauty/American Psycho


Save Rock and Roll

The Last of the Real Ones

Young and Menace

B Stage

Humble / XO TOUR Lif3 / Hammer Smashed Face / Congratulations / Song 2

(Drum Solo)

Dance, Dance

Expensive Mistakes

Thnks fr th Mmrs

A Stage

I Don't Care

This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race

Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy



Uma Thurman

My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)



As always, get out and support live music and I'll see you out there!

(Askew View Photo) #askewviewphoto #fobxec askew view photo blackbear concert concerts fall out boy hip hop jaden smith live live performance minneapolis minnesota mn performance rap rock rock concert rock show xcel xcel energy center Tue, 24 Oct 2017 00:35:38 GMT